Intellicor, Inc., is a management and IT consulting company that specializes in healthcare services, pharmacy benefit management, financial services, and automotive services. Intellicor is a privately held company whose goal is to be acknowledged as a leading consulting firm in the industry. The quality of their customers and the impact of their work are proofs that they are among the best out there. They have built long term partnerships with market leading companies in order to enhance competitiveness as well as have a positive impact on them.

For every engagement, they aim to enhance client performance in accordance with the mission, vision, values, as well as market realities unique to every scenario. This is achieved by ensuring that for every project, the following are present: leadership, industry insight, and thorough analysis. The company believes that objectivity is a vital element of their approach -- they state what they think and share the benefits of what they've experienced from comparable settings around the US. In everything that they do, they follow the highest standards of professional practice, as well as their strict code of ethics. Intellicor, Inc.'s corporate office is located in the state of Florida, but they also have offices in New York and Connecticut.

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